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  Club Coaches - District 46
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Club Club_Name Code Name Begin_Date Status
1436 Graybar Club COACHU Yasuyo Ide, ACG, ALS 11/18/2018 AWARDED
2413 Stony Brook Speech Wolves COACH Sandra J. Albanese, DL1 07/01/2019 PENDING
2413 Stony Brook Speech Wolves COACH Jim Goldfuss, EC2 07/01/2019 PENDING
2676 TIC Toastmasters Club COACH Raul Tenesaca, ACG, ALB 11/10/2019 PENDING
6615 Bronx Toastmasters Club COACH Alicia Wyatt, CC, ALB 10/22/2019 PENDING
9938 United We Stand Toastmasters Club COACHU Dianne Marino, DTM 08/14/2018 AWARDED
9976 Cross Westchester Toastmasters COACH Thomas M. Marino, DTM 10/12/2019 PENDING
648356 IBM Westchester Toastmasters Club COACH Anne Marie Discala, ACS, ALB 10/30/2019 PENDING
695803 Westchester Advanced Club COACH Harriet Joseph, CC 05/02/2019 PENDING
741441 Credit Suisse Speak Up COACH Vivian Shen-CF Martineau, ACG, ALB 02/05/2019 PENDING
741441 Credit Suisse Speak Up COACH Beatrice J. Smith, MS1 10/31/2018 PENDING
1168440 TORCH Toastmasters COACH Taa Grays, CC, ALB 05/20/2019 PENDING
1168440 TORCH Toastmasters COACH Jennifer Wisdom, ACG, ALB 05/24/2019 PENDING
1205208 Fiesta -- Manhattan's Only Bilingual Spanish Club COACH Margaret Jennifer Tull, EC2, ACB 07/09/2018 AWARDED
1244840 Deloitte Tri-State Toastmasters Club COACH Kim Monique Bourne, PI3 07/23/2019 PENDING
1393205 PwC NY Toastmasters COACHU William Saliy, DTM 08/27/2018 AWARDED
1766106 Toast of Broadway COACH Steven Williams Jr., ACS, CL 12/06/2019 PENDING
1914665 T.I.P. COACHU Marc A. Williams, DTM 12/19/2018 AWARDED
1916935 Verbal Assassins COACH Anthony Drago, ACG, ALB 05/20/2019 AWARDED
2462223 Unity East Toastmasters COACH Kelvin Scott Davis, ACG, ALB 07/31/2019 PENDING
4032631 Guardian Toastmasters COACH Jasmin J. Pemberton, ACB, CL 09/13/2019 PENDING
4080286 Montefiore Toastmasters COACHU George Rivera, ACB, ALS, EC1 12/29/2018 AWARDED
4080286 Montefiore Toastmasters COACH Estare Alston, TC1 11/28/2019 PENDING
4080286 Montefiore Toastmasters COACH Sylvia Brabham, DTM 05/22/2019 AWARDED
4421334 Mind Masters COACH Jean Larsen, ACS, CL 11/30/2019 PENDING
4473025 Toast Hampton COACH Brian Goldfeder, DTM 08/13/2019 PENDING
4634928 Persuasive Toastmasters COACH Vidya Rajagopalan, DTM 01/29/2019 PENDING
4776065 Fordham Lincoln Center Toastmasters COACH Laura Andrews, ACG, ALB 10/12/2019 PENDING
5341900 Mount Vernon Toast COACH Debra Jones, DTM 03/19/2019 AWARDED
5575390 180 Livingston Club COACH John Klauder, CC, CL 09/19/2019 PENDING
5575390 180 Livingston Club COACH Yelena Ruzin, DL1 09/19/2019 PENDING
5616485 Cervantes - Manhattan's Only All Spanish Club COACH Ama Opoku, ACS, ALB 08/25/2019 PENDING
5633253 L.A.C.E. Toastmasters COACH Mark S. Mooney, ACB, ALB 06/28/2019 PENDING
5749845 Heart of Queens COACH Lilly Cao, ACS, ALB 03/19/2019 AWARDED
5927264 Upstander COACH Laxmi Mamidela, VC3 07/31/2019 PENDING
6558323 Koppelman Toastmasters COACH Beatrice Weber, ACS, ALB 03/14/2019 PENDING
6660424 Toastmasters International Club - Elsevier NYC COACH Beatrice Weber, ACS, ALB 06/07/2019 PENDING
6660424 Toastmasters International Club - Elsevier NYC COACH Shu Chin Li, DTM 06/07/2019 PENDING

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