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  Triple Crown - District 84
Reports are uploaded daily - Updated: January 19, 2018 5:32 AM PT

A number of districts have awarded the Triple Crown to members who achieve three education awards in a single program year, and now it can be put into practice by any district that chooses to recognize its members. Each district will identify the combination of educational awards and any other parameters that count toward the Triple Crown. For questions regarding the information found on this report, please contact

Member Count Award
Wills, Terry 3 CL, ALB, ACS
Wagner, Patricia Ann 5 DTM, CL, ALS, CC, CL
Telang, Sandesh 3 ACG, CL, ACS
Tambor, Douglas Bradley 3 CC, CL, CC
Steadman, Roxie J. 6 CC, CL, CC, CL, LDREXC, CC
Smith, Jerry W. 3 CC, CC, ACS
Singer, Victoria Grace 3 CL, ALB, ACB
Simons, Chi K. 3 DTM, ALS, ACG
Sarkis, Linda C. 3 ACG, DTM, ACS
Ondarza, Kevin J. 3 CL, ACS, ALS
Nguyen, Nhuy Thuy 3 CL, LDREXC, ALB
Morgan, Steven S. 3 CC, CL, ALB
Moore, Courtney D. 3 CL, ACB, ALB
Moon, Howard 3 ACG, ALB, ACS
Mingoia, Michele A. 3 ALB, CC, CC
Mills, Sue A. 3 DTM, ALS, CL
McGilton, Rebecca Ann 8 CL, CC, ALB, ALB, CC, LDREXC, ALB, CL
Keller, Scott T. 3 LDREXC, ALS, DTM
Katsov, Renee L. 3 ALS, DTM, LDREXC
Johnson, Lillie Ann 4 ALS, ACS, DTM, ACG
Jessup, Rauha I. 6 CC, CL, ALB, CC, ALB, CL
Hoar, Richard Jules 4 CC, CL, ALS, DTM
Herrera, Victor 3 CC, CL, ALB
Fyffe, James R. 3 ACG, ALS, DTM
Flood, Clidetra C. 3 CL, ALB, CC
Fawthrop, James P. 3 LDREXC, ALS, DTM
Dettlaff, Michelle M. 3 CC, CC, CL
Corbett, Jack 5 CL, ACG, CC, ACB, ACS
Burt, Terrance E. 3 ACG, DTM, ALS
Brown, Wanda D. 3 ACB, CC, CL
Brisbin, William S. 3 ALB, CL, ALB
Brazzano, Jolita 3 ACB, CL, ALB
Allman, Theodore J. 4 ACG, LDREXC, ALS, DTM

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