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  October Dues Renewal Status - District 86
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Club Division Area Renewal_Status Name Location
3498 M 14 **Renewals not here** Speak for Success York-Simcoe Bradford (Newmarket/Holland Landing)
3700 S 74 **Renewals not here** Sarnia Club Sarnia
3726 S 73 **Renewals not here** Thames Valley Club London
5139 B 37 **Renewals not here** Risky Business Club Mississauga
5260 B 33 **Renewals not here** Halton Hills Toastmasters Georgetown
742747 D 85 **Renewals not here** Lakeview Toastmasters Club Mississauga
777387 C 42 **Renewals not here** Le Club Francais de Mississauga Mississauga
932543 D 81 **Renewals not here** Candu Toastmasters Mississauga
6234 W 61 **Renewals not here** Talk Of The Town Club Kitchener-Waterloo
6288 D 85 **Renewals not here** City Centre Club Mississauga
6307 L 51 **Renewals not here** McMaster Club Hamilton
6333 B 37 **Renewals not here** Roche MVPs Club - Corporate Mississauga
3782 S 71 **Renewals not here** Podium Pros Club London ON Canada
3835 T 91 **Renewals not here** Bluewater Toastmasters Owen Sound & Area
3869 N 3 **Renewals not here** Greater Sudbury Speakers Sudbury
3935 L 54 **Renewals not here** Midday Marauders Club Hamilton
4080 D 83 **Renewals not here** Trafalgar Club Oakville
5456 C 45 **Renewals not here** Confidently Speaking Toastmasters Club Mississauga
5591 M 17 **Renewals not here** The Court Of Blarney Newmarket
5702 W 62 **Renewals not here** Concordia Club Waterloo
5717 T 94 **Renewals not here** Town and Gown Toastmasters Guelph
7175 T 92 **Renewals not here** Topdrawer Advanced Toastmasters Club Cambridge
7248 M 16 **Renewals not here** Orangeville Toastmasters Orangeville
630694 S 74 **Renewals not here** Lambton Toastmasters Club Sarnia
1536973 T 93 **Renewals not here** Linamar Toastmasters Guelph
1540861 M 13 **Renewals not here** Positively Speaking Toastmasters Stouffville
1558421 B 34 **Renewals not here** City of Brampton Toastmasters Brampton
1562378 D 89 **Renewals not here** Trillium Health Partners: Mississauga & Credit Valley Hospit Mississauga
2015480 A 26 **Renewals not here** Momentum Toastmasters Markham
2144636 M 17 **Renewals not here** The Newmarket Toastmasters (TNT) Newmarket
2152194 N 3 **Renewals not here** Sudbury Noon Hour Toastmasters Club Sudbury
2194262 A 27 **Renewals not here** Inclusive Toastmasters Richmond Hill
2197340 L 57 **Renewals not here** Brock Toastmasters St. Catharines
2824140 D 81 **Renewals not here** AMEC Foster Wheeler Oakville Toastmasters Club Oakville
2825443 C 43 **Renewals not here** D + H Toastmasters Club Mississauga
2852440 C 41 **Renewals not here** TELUS Mississauga Toastmasters Mississauga
2868399 W 64 **Renewals not here** Speak Stratford Stratford
2908806 W 62 **Renewals not here** Progressive Toastmasters Kitchener Waterloo
3000988 W 65 **Renewals not here** Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce Kitchener
3638313 A 25 **Renewals not here** AECOMmunicators Markham
4635 A 23 **Renewals not here** Markham SweetTalkers Club Markham
4656 S 72 **Renewals not here** London Speakeasy Toastmasters Club London
4778 B 33 **Renewals not here** Milton Club Milton
4782 A 22 **Renewals not here** Markham Toastmasters Club Markham
7322 D 89 **Renewals not here** COMET Toastmasters Club Mississauga
1036597 T 95 **Renewals not here** High Noon Toastmasters Cambridge
1037159 A 28 **Renewals not here** URS Toastmasters In Ontario Richmond Hill
1040360 C 44 **Renewals not here** IPC Toastmasters Club Mississauga
1244822 W 63 **Renewals not here** University of Waterloo Toastmasters Waterloo
1415201 L 53 **Renewals not here** Grimsby Grimsby
1422719 S 75 **Renewals not here** Talbot Trail Toastmasters St Thomas
5828473 N 3 **Renewals not here** True North Toastmasters Sudbury
5829917 D 84 **Renewals not here** Knowledge First Financial Mississauga
5884156 B 35 **Renewals not here** Malton Community Toastmasters Club Mississauga
5886451 B 32 **Renewals not here** Raising Champions Advanced Toastmasters Brampton
5901145 S 76 **Renewals not here** BBBWO Toastmasters London
5908893 D 89 **Renewals not here** Fellowship Toastmasters Club Mississauga
5940499 D 88 **Renewals not here** Oakville Toastmasters Oakville
5941972 T 94 **Renewals not here** Royal Canin Toastmasters Puslinch
2339938 S 76 **Renewals not here** Strathroy Toastmasters Club Strathroy
2380608 D 83 **Renewals not here** Horizon Toastmasters Oakville
3012158 T 92 **Renewals not here** Conestoga College Toastmasters Kitchener
3071339 B 37 **Renewals not here** Maple Leaf Toastmasters Mississauga
4638847 W 61 **Renewals not here** Les Toastmasters Volubiles Kitchener Waterloo
8992 S 74 **Renewals not here** Hospitable Club Sarnia
9016 W 64 **Renewals not here** Linguists Of Listowel Club Listowel
9024 A 22 **Renewals not here** IBM Toronto Lab Club Markham
9119 S 71 **Renewals not here** Campus Communicators Club London
3760922 S 74 **Renewals not here** Petrolia Toastmasters Petrolia
3799670 M 14 **Renewals not here** Edge of the Wedge Newmarket
3815463 D 87 **Renewals not here** GE Toasters Oakville
3830242 N 1 **Renewals not here** Dr. Roberta Bondar Toastmasters Club Sault Ste Marie
628 D 88 **Renewals not here** Sheridan Park Toastmasters Club Mississauga
2245 D 87 **Renewals not here** First Oakville Toastmasters Club Oakville
2347 B 31 **Renewals not here** Brampton Club Brampton
2353 A 21 **Renewals not here** DSC Toastmasters Club Concord
2356 N 4 **Renewals not here** Sudbury CRAzy Talkers Sudbury
2432 W 63 **Renewals not here** Kitchener-Waterloo Toastmasters Waterloo
1373 N 2 **Renewals not here** Porcupine Toastmasters Club Timmins
1474 D 82 **Renewals not here** Port Credit Club Mississauga
1586 L 54 **Renewals not here** Ambitious City Toastmasters Club Hamilton
1603 M 11 **Renewals not here** Barrie Toastmasters Club Barrie
1609 M 13 **Renewals not here** Towns Of York Toastmasters Club Aurora
3074 L 56 **Renewals not here** First Burlington Toastmasters Club Burlington
3206 T 94 **Renewals not here** Guelph Public Speakers Guelph
3925020 A 28 **Renewals not here** GE Markham Toastmasters Markham
8267 B 34 **Renewals not here** Rogers Park Toastmasters Brampton
8277 C 47 **Renewals not here** Mississauga Valley Toastmasters Club Mississauga
9690 L 56 **Renewals not here** First Waterdown Club Waterdown
9709 L 51 **Renewals not here** Valley Town Toastmasters Club Dundas
9929 W 63 **Renewals not here** CHEERS Toastmasters Kitchener-Waterloo
698843 A 24 **Renewals not here** Golden Gavel Toastmasters Richmond Hill
704523 M 14 **Renewals not here** Simcoe Shores Club Keswick
712923 A 22 **Renewals not here** Markham's Talk of the City Club Markham
4908033 C 41 **Renewals not here** Bayer Canada Toastmasters Mississauga
3531577 M 15 **Renewals not here** Georgian Bay Toastmasters Parry Sound
3589490 M 11 **Renewals not here** Innisfil Toastmasters Innisfil
3301 L 56 **Renewals not here** Skyway Toastmasters Club Burlington
3320 W 65 **Renewals not here** Black Walnut Toastmasters Club Kitchener-Waterloo
3322 L 56 **Renewals not here** Mansion Toastmasters Club Burlington
1396187 L 55 **Renewals not here** HatchMasters Niagara Falls
1405235 D 81 **Renewals not here** Hatch Mississauga Mississauga
2785335 A 24 **Renewals not here** Club Toastmasters FrancoFun Richmond Hill
2819045 D 89 **Renewals not here** Sheridan Bruins Mississauga
3372733 B 33 **Renewals not here** Chez Nous Toastmasters Club Brampton
1591768 S 74 **Renewals not here** Riverspeak Toastmasters Sarnia
1600536 C 46 **Renewals not here** Soar To Excellence Toastmasters Club Mississauga
1638952 B 32 **Renewals not here** Point of Tale Toastmasters Brampton
1642114 N 1 **Renewals not here** Sault College Communicators Sault Ste Marie
2289206 B 36 **Renewals not here** 7120 Speakers Corner Mississauga
5278183 C 41 **Renewals not here** Ericsson Toronto Toastmasters Mississauga
5307874 S 72 **Renewals not here** One London Place Toastmasters London
6001952 A 21 **Renewals not here** City of Vaughan Vaughan
6018824 M 12 **Renewals not here** G'Chiminissing Toastmasters Christian Island
6043387 C 47 **Renewals not here** WSPS Toastmasters Chapter Mississauga
8859 M 12 **Renewals not here** Echoes Of The Bay Club Midland
7763 D 82 **Renewals not here** Speaking For Success Toastmasters Club Mississauga
7772 B 35 **Renewals not here** Tangri Toastmasters Mississauga
9228 W 65 **Renewals not here** CCRAzy Talkers Club Kitchener-Waterloo
9262 S 73 **Renewals not here** First Class Toastmasters Club London
1009984 L 55 **Renewals not here** Niagara College Toastmasters Welland
1183006 A 22 **Renewals not here** Power Speaking Toastmasters Club Markham
3179448 N 4 **Renewals not here** Mots du Midi Sudbury
6751 S 73 **Renewals not here** London Talbot Club London
7023 M 11 **Renewals not here** Sunshine Speakers Club Orillia
8517 A 25 **Renewals not here** Thornhill Club Thornhill
8602 M 11 **Renewals not here** Barrie's Small Business Club Barrie
8644 D 83 **Renewals not here** Glen Abbey Toastmasters Oakville
583417 B 31 **Renewals not here** Region of Peel Toastmasters Brampton
585043 C 45 **Renewals not here** Meadowvale Toastmasters Club Mississauga
585369 N 2 **Renewals not here** North Bay and Area Club North Bay
589834 M 16 **Renewals not here** The Talk of Alliston Club Alliston
602922 N 3 **Renewals not here** Lacloche Mountain Toastmasters Club Espanola
1095053 L 54 **Renewals not here** Brock's Talkers Hamilton
1100221 B 36 **Renewals not here** One World Toastmasters Mississauga
1484647 W 61 **Renewals not here** DiverseCity Toastmasters Kitchener-Waterloo
5961 B 31 **Renewals not here** Hershaw Toastmasters Club Brampton
6010 T 94 **Renewals not here** The Co-operators Guelph
6092 C 47 **Renewals not here** Discovery Toastmasters Club Mississauga
9498 W 64 **Renewals not here** Huron County Toastmasters Trinity Christian Reform Church, 245 Mil
674556 A 23 **Renewals not here** Nielsen Insightful Club Markham
681269 C 44 **Renewals not here** Nissan Canada Club Mississauga
684023 M 13 **Renewals not here** Stouffville Toastmasters Club Stouffville
824577 S 75 **Renewals not here** Dynamically Speaking Club London
838539 M 13 **Renewals not here** Northern Lights Advanced Toastmasters Club Aurora
847686 M 16 **Renewals not here** Bolton Banter Toastmasters Club Bolton
972044 B 34 **Renewals not here** Speak To Inspire Toastmasters Brampton
976150 M 14 **Renewals not here** Troy Toastmasters Club Newmarket
3964010 D 81 **Renewals not here** GTA Toastmasters Mississauga
3979920 D 88 **Renewals not here** Sheridan Bruins Oakville Toastmasters Oakville
3982070 S 75 **Renewals not here** Tillsonburg Toastmasters Club Tillsonburg
4662653 A 28 **Renewals not here** Cornell Markham Toastmasters Markham
5644835 A 21 **Renewals not here** CRH Canada Corporate Toastmasters Concord
5650711 C 43 **Renewals not here** BASF Canada Toastmasters Mississauga
5754632 T 95 **Renewals not here** Speed River Toastmasters Guelph
5783996 C 43 **Renewals not here** Citi Orators Mississauga
5513608 W 63 **Renewals not here** McAfee Waterloo Toastmasters Waterloo
6487960 M 15 **Renewals not here** Bracebridge Toastmasters Bracebridge
6545095 T 95 **Renewals not here** RWDI Guelph
4820143 W 61 **Renewals not here** MTD Kitchener Toastmasters Club Kitchener
5497694 C 44 **Renewals not here** PointClickCare Toastmasters Mississauga
5497753 C 41 **Renewals not here** Baylis Medical Toastmasters Mississauga
1102 L 57 **Renewals not here** Garden City Toastmasters of St. Catharines St. Catharines
1114 L 54 **Renewals not here** Hamilton No 1 Toastmasters Club Hamilton
637857 C 42 **Renewals not here** TWTSO Leaders of Today Toastmasters Club Mississauga
640216 A 28 **Renewals not here** Unionville Toastmasters Club Markham
640745 L 54 **Renewals not here** ACCESS Toastmasters Hamilton
643540 N 4 **Renewals not here** Voix du Nord Sudbury
782875 N 1 **Renewals not here** OLG Lottotalkers Toastmasters Club Sault Ste Marie
798895 D 88 **Renewals not here** Unity Toastmasters Mississauga
810460 C 42 **Renewals not here** Unscripted Expressions Club Mississauga
1908 T 92 **Renewals not here** Grand River Toastmasters Club Cambridge
1963 A 24 **Renewals not here** Richmond Hill Toastmasters Richmond Hill
3677324 C 45 **Renewals not here** Walmart Canada Toastmasters Club Mississauga
3702826 A 27 **Renewals not here** Your Community Realty Toastmasters Club Richmond Hill
3745363 D 87 **Renewals not here** Burloak Toastmasters Oakville
4343558 M 15 **Renewals not here** Huntsville Speakers Spotlight Huntsville
4353901 D 82 **Renewals not here** Mississauga Sales & Marketing Toastmasters Mississauga
4363230 L 53 **Renewals not here** Union Gas Stoney Creek Ramblers Stoney Creek
4391211 C 43 **Renewals not here** Schneider Electric Cool Site Mississauga
4437661 A 27 **Renewals not here** Feel Good Toastmasters Richmond Hill
5151704 M 16 **Renewals not here** TOC Talk Caledon
5151708 A 23 **Renewals not here** Markham TD Toastmasters Markham
916925 S 72 **Renewals not here** London City Hall London
873612 A 26 **Renewals not here** Speakers of the Hill Richmond Hill
886994 S 75 **Renewals not here** Woodstock Toastmasters Woodstock
2580 L 51 **Renewals not here** Brant Toastmasters Brantford
2648 N 1 **Renewals not here** Algoma Toastmasters Club Sault Ste Marie
2728 T 92 **Renewals not here** Cambridge Toastmasters Club Cambridge
2735 T 93 **Renewals not here** Royal City Toastmasters Guelph
2816 N 3 **Renewals not here** Sudbury Toastmasters Club Sudbury
2877 L 55 **Renewals not here** Rose City Toastmasters Welland
4189 S 71 **Renewals not here** London Western Club London
4398 A 25 **Renewals not here** Destiny Toastmasters Club Markham
4537 M 12 **Renewals not here** Collingwood Toastmasters Club Collingwood
5879 L 55 **Renewals not here** Honeymoon City Club Niagara Falls
1448795 A 27 **Renewals not here** Advanced Speakers on the Hill Richmond Hill
1453413 B 32 **Renewals not here** Chosen Voices Toastmasters Brampton
1460785 B 32 **Renewals not here** Brampton Speakeasy Toastmasters Brampton
1697108 A 24 **Renewals not here** Hilltop Toastmasters Richmond Hill
2490863 L 56 **Renewals not here** Burlington Advanced Burlington
2517297 C 46 **Renewals not here** Leaders' Corner Toastmasters Club Mississauga
2531837 B 34 **Renewals not here** Brampton Alpha Toastmasters Brampton
3233803 T 93 **Renewals not here** Centre Wellington Elora
3271846 T 95 **Renewals not here** City of Guelph Guelph
3278518 B 35 **Renewals not here** Atos Toastmasters Club Mississauga
964201 S 72 **Renewals not here** Toast of Queens London
1115199 A 25 **Renewals not here** Fluid Communicators & Leaders Richmond Hill
1120086 D 85 **Renewals not here** Comfortably Speaking Mississauga
1138042 N 2 **Renewals not here** Cementation Toastmasters North Bay
1146924 A 22 **Renewals not here** Toast at Noon Markham
1315959 D 84 **Renewals not here** ActionMasters Mississauga
1337454 C 44 **Renewals not here** Creekbank Toastmasters Club Mississauga
1359050 S 76 **Renewals not here** Charismatic Communicators London
5614315 B 36 **Renewals not here** Kenaidan-La Capitale Mississauga
7913 W 62 **Renewals not here** Waterloo Silver Tongue Club Kitchener-Waterloo
7976 L 53 **Renewals not here** Stoney Creek Toastmasters Hamilton / Stoney Creek
897691 C 42 **Renewals not here** Speak, Spark, and Spirit Club Mississauga
8758 T 93 **Renewals not here** Blountly Canadian Club Guelph
8767 W 62 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Talk It To The Max Toastmasters Club Waterloo
906010 T 91 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Saugeen Toastmasters Hanover
3271871 S 76 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met LHSC Toastmasters Club London
2729 S 73 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Forest City Toastmasters London
5112819 C 45 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met IIBA Mississauga Toastmasters Club Mississauga
96 M 17 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Desjardins Aurora Club Aurora
1663 T 91 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Mount Forest Motivators Toastmasters Club Mount Forest
5499873 C 46 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Great Minds Advanced Toastmasters Mississauga
6545120 B 35 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met DHL Toronto Toastmasters Brampton
6596658 S 75 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met The Cake Talkers London
6062077 T 95 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Rockwell Automation Cambridge Cambridge
5242727 A 23 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met IIBA Markham Toastmasters Club Markham
1633651 D 85 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Lambs To Lions Mississauga
1015141 A 21 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Woodbridge Toastmasters Woodbridge
1029833 B 36 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Tech Data Toastmasters Mississauga
3433036 W 62 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Laurier Toastmasters Waterloo
4486929 D 84 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Axis Communications Toastmasters Mississauga
2580613 N 2 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met OPS North Bay North Bay
755 L 53 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Steeltown Toastmasters Club Hamilton
7310 L 57 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met MTO St Catharines Toastmasters Club St. Catharines
8192 W 64 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met To The Point Club Kincardine
3610365 B 35 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Sheridan Davis Bruins Toastmasters Club Brampton
3419 D 84 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Trillium Toastmasters Club Mississauga
2179994 A 26 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met WSP|EAKERS Thornhill
1568891 B 37 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Speakwell Mississauga
864603 C 47 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Creekside TD Toastmasters Mississauga
3467693 D 87 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Callisto Toastmasters Oakville
606371 S 72 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met London TaxMasters Club London
4826 W 65 Verified complete - 08/14/2017 Energetics Toastmasters Club Kitchener-Waterloo

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