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  October Dues Renewal Status - District 84
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Club Division Area Renewal_Status Name Location
28 C 30 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Orlando Toastmasters Club Orlando
129 C 32 **Renewals not here** Orange County Toastmasters Orlando
363 B 23 **Renewals not here** Harris Communicators Club Palm Bay
546 F 61 **Renewals not here** Southside Club Jacksonville
840 D 42 **Renewals not here** Apopka Foliage, Club 840 Apopka
892 A 10 **Renewals not here** River City Toastmasters Jacksonville
976 H 81 **Renewals not here** Capital City Club Tallahassee
984 B 23 **Renewals not here** Advanced Communicators Club Melbourne
1066 C 34 **Renewals not here** Orlando Conquerors Toastmasters Club Orlando
1134 I 91 **Renewals not here** Daytona Beach Toastmasters Club Daytona Beach
1135 H 81 **Renewals not here** Tallahassee Toastmasters Club Tallahassee
1176 G 71 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Dunnellon Toastmasters Club Dunnellon
1387 B 21 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Merritt Moonliters Club Cocoa Beach
1423 B 21 **Renewals not here** Harris Toastmasters Club Melbourne
1669 C 34 **Renewals not here** Twilite Club Orlando
1841 E 50 **Renewals not here** Osceola Club Kissimmee
1877 E 50 **Renewals not here** Oscar Toastmasters Kissimmee
1917 E 52 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met World Toasters Lake Buena Vista
1980 F 63 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Orange Park Toastmasters Club Orange Park
2058 E 52 **Renewals not here** Celebration Speak Easy Toastmasters Club Lake Buena Vista
2104 E 53 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Winter Haven Toastmasters Club 2104 Winter Haven
2138 I 91 **Renewals not here** West Volusia Toastmasters Deland
2155 A 11 **Renewals not here** Top O' The Rock Toastmasters Club Jacksonville
2262 E 54 **Renewals not here** Lakeland Toastmasters Lakeland
2346 A 13 **Renewals not here** Lillian R. Bradley Toastmasters Club Jacksonville
2362 E 55 **Renewals not here** Turnpike Toasters Club Ocoee
2380 B 22 **Renewals not here** Harris Speakez Club Melbourne
2492 H 82 **Renewals not here** Uptown Toastmasters Tallahassee
2862 A 14 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Beaches Area Toastmasters Club Jacksonville Beach
3018 B 20 **Renewals not here** Titusville Toastmasters Titusville
3019 G 70 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Gainesville Toastmasters Gainesville
3042 B 23 **Renewals not here** Harbor City Toastmasters Club Melbourne
3179 D 43 **Renewals not here** Oviedo Toastmasters Oviedo
3397 F 62 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Toast of Jax Club Jacksonville
3651 H 82 **Renewals not here** Early Bird Club Tallahassee
3661 A 13 **Renewals not here** Toastmasters at UF & Shands Jacksonville
3674 D 44 **Renewals not here** Winter Park Toastmasters Club Winter Park
3695 B 20 **Renewals not here** KSC Toastmasters Kennedy Space Center
3771 H 83 **Renewals not here** Seminole Toastmasters Club Tallahassee
3795 A 12 **Renewals not here** CSX Toastmasters Club Jacksonville
3915 G 70 **Renewals not here** Gator Club Gainesville
4051 E 54 **Renewals not here** Plant City Toastmasters Plant City
4147 G 72 **Renewals not here** Triple Crown Club Ocala
4413 C 32 **Renewals not here** Let's Talk Toastmasters Club Winter Park
4487 E 53 **Renewals not here** Villa Toastmasters Club Winter Haven
4615 E 54 **Renewals not here** Florida Southern College Club Lakeland
4823 C 32 **Renewals not here** Florida Hospital Toastmasters Club Orlando
5112 H 83 **Renewals not here** Tallahassee Real Talkers Tallahassee
5199 A 14 **Renewals not here** Ponte Vedra Beach Toastmasters Club Ponte Vedra Beach
5459 H 80 **Renewals not here** Southwood Club Tallahassee
5807 G 71 **Renewals not here** Radiant Ridge Toastmasters Lecanto
5821 H 80 **Renewals not here** Highway Safety Club Tallahassee
5854 E 51 **Renewals not here** Westwood Club Orlando
6084 C 31 **Renewals not here** Downtown Toastmasters Club Orlando
6193 D 42 **Renewals not here** Articulators Club Altamonte Springs
6304 C 32 **Renewals not here** Uptown Toastmasters Club Orlando
6440 I 93 **Renewals not here** Lake Mary Toastmasters Lake Mary
6690 B 23 **Renewals not here** Collins Club Melbourne
6731 B 24 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Vero Beach Toastmasters Club Vero Beach
6831 H 81 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Garnet & Gold Toastmasters Club Tallahassee
6861 I 92 **Renewals not here** Omni Toastmasters Club 6861 Heathrow
7250 E 52 **Renewals not here** Vista Toastmasters Southwest Orlando Orlando
7286 I 90 **Renewals not here** Toastmasters on the Halifax Club Daytona Beach
7559 D 40 **Renewals not here** Post Toasters Club Orlando
7560 F 61 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met First Coast Speakers Advanced Toastmasters Jacksonville
7911 F 62 **Renewals not here** Speak Up America Club Jacksonville
8029 I 92 **Renewals not here** Seminole Toasters Sanford
8345 H 83 **Renewals not here** DFS Club Tallahassee
8503 E 52 **Renewals not here** Orlando International Club Orlando
8945 D 43 **Renewals not here** Orators Toastmasters Club Altamonte Springs
8947 G 70 **Renewals not here** Eagle Toastmasters Gainesville
9013 D 41 **Renewals not here** Trailblazers Toastmasters Club Orlando
9241 H 82 **Renewals not here** Podemos Hablar Toastmasters Club Tallahassee
9269 B 22 **Renewals not here** Toast-Stars Club Melbourne
9370 H 82 **Renewals not here** Talk of Tallahassee Tallahassee
9392 E 51 **Renewals not here** Darden Toastmasters Club Orlando
9443 G 71 **Renewals not here** Ocala Noon Toastmasters Club Ocala
9551 F 64 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Toast of St. Johns County Club St Augustine
9625 H 80 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met FDLE Toastmasters Tallahassee
9649 C 30 **Renewals not here** Electric Toasters Club Orlando
9712 C 32 **Renewals not here** Vistana Toastmasters Orlando
9958 D 42 **Renewals not here** Central Florida Facilitators Altamonte Springs
589305 B 22 **Renewals not here** Melbourne FL Toastmasters Club Melbourne
605137 B 20 **Renewals not here** Viera/Suntree Toastmasters Club Melbourne
607265 A 12 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Toastmasters at JEA Jacksonville
617432 D 41 **Renewals not here** Mayflower Toastmasters Club Winter Park
621469 B 24 **Renewals not here** Beachsiders Club Vero Beach
674682 B 21 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Beachside Broadcasters Club Patrick Air Force Base
686584 B 22 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met South Beach Toastmasters Club Satellite Beach
692958 H 81 **Renewals not here** Leadership Toastmasters Tallahassee
695848 C 33 **Renewals not here** Lake Nona Toastmasters Club Orlando
743985 E 53 **Renewals not here** Bartow Toastmasters Club Bartow
756791 A 12 **Renewals not here** Toastmasters Club Jacksonville
756808 B 24 **Renewals not here** Sebastian Fellsmere Toastmasters Club Sebastian
787657 F 62 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Baywood Toastmasters Jacksonville
791740 F 63 **Renewals not here** The Vystar Toastmasters Club Jacksonville
803758 D 44 **Renewals not here** Voices of Maitland Club Maitland
817767 G 70 **Renewals not here** Talking Gators Gainesville
824972 A 13 **Renewals not here** North Jax Toastmasters Club Jacksonville
838510 F 62 **Renewals not here** Mandarin Toastmasters Jacksonville
860173 F 64 **Renewals not here** Coastmasters of Palm Coast Bunnell
862072 A 12 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Voices of the Southside Jacksonville
902585 F 60 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Deerwood Toastmasters Club Jacksonville
990426 G 73 **Renewals not here** Lake Toasters Tavares
995942 D 41 **Renewals not here** Crummer @ Rollins Club Winter Park
1003419 C 33 **Renewals not here** Club Orange Orlando
1008744 F 61 **Renewals not here** New Horizons Toastmasters Jacksonville
1014640 F 60 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Jacksonville Bullmasters Jacksonville
1024619 D 40 **Renewals not here** EA Tiburon Orlando
1063401 E 50 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Tip Top Toasters Orlando
1107634 I 90 **Renewals not here** Ormond SpeechMasters Daytona Beach
1152249 G 73 **Renewals not here** The Golden Triangle Toastmasters Mt Dora
1166374 G 72 **Renewals not here** Marion United Toastmasters Ocala
1214455 F 63 **Renewals not here** River's Edge Toastmasters of Clay County Florida Orange Park
1269043 E 53 **Renewals not here** Heartland Talk of the Town Sebring
1279228 B 24 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Metro Palm Bay Toastmasters Palm Bay
1307620 E 54 **Renewals not here** Victory Toastmasters Lakeland
1314871 F 64 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met World Golf Village Toastmasters Jacksonville
1314911 F 60 **Renewals not here** 20/20 Toastmasters Jacksonville
1316760 C 34 **Renewals not here** St. Mark AME Text Talkers Orlando
1326948 A 13 **Renewals not here** Global Leaders Advanced Toastmasters Club Jacksonville
1333502 A 11 **Renewals not here** EverBank Innovators Jacksonville
1336544 D 44 **Renewals not here** Technically Speaking Winter Park
1351830 H 83 **Renewals not here** Suwannee River Toastmasters Live Oak
1353567 E 50 **Renewals not here** 19th Hole Toasters Orlando
1377184 G 71 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Talk of the World Ocala
1430577 C 31 **Renewals not here** The Reliable Speakers Orlando
1434870 I 93 **Renewals not here** Voices of Opportunity Lake Mary
1440146 I 90 **Renewals not here** Toastmasters at Twelve Daytona Beach
1465493 B 20 **Renewals not here** Girl Talk Toastmasters Club Melbourne
1475643 E 51 **Renewals not here** Wyndham Easy Speakers Orlando
1539554 I 90 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Accelerated Pacesetters Ormond Beach
1554913 I 92 **Renewals not here** The Negotiators Lake Mary
1580631 A 14 **Renewals not here** Toast to DB Jacksonville
1624035 C 33 **Renewals not here** Safe Words Orlando
1716502 I 90 **Renewals not here** Wildcats Global Daytona Beach
1716558 C 33 **Renewals not here** You Talkin' to Me? Toastmasters Orlando
1848187 D 44 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Leaders In Communication Orlando
1948459 G 73 **Renewals not here** Clermont Toastmasters Clermont
2164342 A 13 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Winn-Dixie Toastmasters Jacksonville
2183626 F 62 **Renewals not here** Beeline Toastmasters Jacksonville
2212317 C 30 **Renewals not here** Energy Speakeasy Orlando
2358497 A 10 **Renewals not here** Toasting 601 Jacksonville
2430948 C 30 **Renewals not here** So You Think You Can Talk? Orlando
2494989 F 64 **Renewals not here** San Sebastian Toastmasters St Augustine
2525706 F 60 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Florida Blue Toastmasters Club Jacksonville
2781741 E 55 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Orlando Advanced Toastmasters Orlando
2800713 I 92 **Renewals not here** Horizon Stars Orange City
2943852 D 40 **Renewals not here** FIS Orlando Orlando
3025131 E 54 **Renewals not here** MIDLAKELAND Toastmasters Lakeland
3055658 H 80 **Renewals not here** PMI Tallahassee Toastmasters Tallahassee
3117640 D 43 **Renewals not here** Weekend Toastmasters Casselberry
3274480 D 43 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met ACE Advanced Toastmasters Club Winter Springs
3345475 D 42 **Renewals not here** Lakeview Toastmasters Altamonte Springs
3400888 D 40 **Renewals not here** Charles Schwab & Co. Orlando
3402944 A 14 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Mayo Clinic Toastmasters Jacksonville
3406597 H 81 **Renewals not here** Driven by Destiny Toastmasters Quincy
3410728 I 91 **Renewals not here** Port Orange Toastmasters Port Orange
3612641 B 24 **Renewals not here** Florida International Talkers Palm Bay
3735324 C 30 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Toast To YSA Orlando
3807979 I 92 **Renewals not here** Bristol West Toastmasters Lake Mary
3869730 A 11 **Renewals not here** TEA Toastmasters Jacksonville
3913185 I 93 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Seminole State College Toastmasters Sanford
4069732 A 15 **Renewals not here** New Beginnings Toastmasters Jacksonville
4161607 C 31 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Citrus Toastmasters Orlando
4290786 G 71 **Renewals not here** Downtown Ocala Toastmasters Ocala
4297355 G 72 **Renewals not here** Toasting Ocala Ocala
4341151 C 34 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Stick To The Script! Orlando
4389350 G 70 **Renewals not here** Techie Toastmasters Gainesville
4398269 I 93 **Renewals not here** Verizon Lake Mary Toastmasters Club Lake Mary
4507428 F 61 **Renewals not here** CIT Toastmasters Jacksonville
4662754 E 55 **Renewals not here** Windermere Toastmasters Windermere
4690131 G 72 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met C.I.A. Toastmasters Ocala
4744736 A 10 **Renewals not here** Medtronic Communication Leaders Jacksonville
4786595 I 91 **Renewals not here** DaVita Labs Toastmasters Deland
4799469 A 14 **Renewals not here** Brooks Rehabilitation Toastmasters Jacksonville
4820193 F 63 **Renewals not here** JAX of All Trades Jacksonville
4899556 D 43 **Renewals not here** Orators of Excellence Apopka
4926540 D 41 **Renewals not here** CEO Toastmasters Orlando
5059516 G 70 **Renewals not here** Optym Toastmasters Club Gainesville
5076086 C 31 **Renewals not here** Mission Possible Orlando
5136978 G 73 **Renewals not here** Village Voices Toastmasters Wildwood
5229851 G 72 **Renewals not here** Y Toastmasters Ocala
5324945 F 61 **Renewals not here** Adecco Toastmasters Jacksonville
5495060 A 12 **Renewals not here** Haskell Toastmasters Jacksonville
5501933 A 15 **Renewals not here** Rising Stars Toastmasters Sanderson
5502034 H 83 **Renewals not here** Florida Surplus Lines Service Office Tallahassee
5530350 E 50 **Renewals not here** Give Kids The World Toastmasters Kissimmee
5584694 A 11 **Renewals not here** Downtown Jax Toastmasters Jacksonville
5589640 A 15 **Renewals not here** Voices of Lawtey Toastmasters Lawtey
5607621 E 55 **Renewals not here** Manheim Orlando Toastmasters Ocoee
5640030 C 34 **Renewals not here** SHFB Toastmasters Orlando
5745470 B 22 **Renewals not here** Health First Toastmasters Melbourne
5749914 E 51 **Renewals not here** Hospitality Toastmasters At UCF Rosen College Orlando
5826433 I 93 **Renewals not here** LMF Speech Masters Lake Mary
5941947 G 71 **Renewals not here** Power Up Crystal River Toastmasters Crystal River
5948376 A 10 **Renewals not here** Comcast Toastmasters YPN Jacksonville
5979609 C 33 **Renewals not here** Let's Make A Racquet USTA Toastmasters Orlando
6011950 I 93 **Renewals not here** Orlando Deloitte Toastmasters Lake Mary
6039246 A 15 **Renewals not here** Nikos Toastmasters East Palatka
6059821 B 21 **Renewals not here** Peace Talkers Melbourne
6119349 A 11 **Renewals not here** Mac Masters Jacksonville
6413662 D 41 **Renewals not here** St. Cloud Speaks St. Cloud
6529868 H 80 **Renewals not here** UU & PI Toastmasters Club Tallahassee
6578682 I 91 **Renewals not here** South East Volusia Voices New Smyrna Beach
6582775 D 44 Verified complete - 06/30/2017 LHH Rising Starfish Maitland

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