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  October Dues Renewal Status - District 67
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Club Division Area Renewal_Status Name Location
376 E 1 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Hsinchu Toastmasters Club Hsinchu City
549 G 4 **Renewals not here** Sparkle Club Taipei
689 G 3 **Renewals not here** Tien Mou Club Taipei
785 B 3 **Renewals not here** Nantou Club Nantou City
874 B 2 **Renewals not here** Wheelers Toastmasters Club Taichung
1447 H 1 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Grand Toastmasters Club Taipei
1890 A 1 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Taipei Club Taipei City
1904 D 1 **Renewals not here** Kaohsiung Toastmasters Club Kaohsiung
1905 O 1 **Renewals not here** Yuan-Shan Club Kaohsiung City
2022 O 2 **Renewals not here** Pingtung Toastmasters Club Pingtung
2304 P 2 **Renewals not here** YMIC Club Taipei
2422 D 3 **Renewals not here** Kaohsiung Taiwanese Toastmasters Club Kaohsiung City
2725 A 3 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Premium Toastmasters Club Taipei
2922 H 3 **Renewals not here** Sunrise Club Taipei City
3102 K 1 **Renewals not here** Tainan Toastmasters Club (TNTC) Tainan
3457 H 3 **Renewals not here** ARRIS Toastmasters Club New Taipei City
3748 I 1 **Renewals not here** Changhua Club Changhua City
3892 D 3 **Renewals not here** Scien Tech Club Kaohsiung City
4118 L 3 **Renewals not here** Tachia Toastmasters Club Taichung City
4344 P 1 **Renewals not here** Sunflower Advanced Toastmasters Club Taipei
4439 K 3 **Renewals not here** Chia-Yi Toastmasters Club Chiayi City
4647 N 3 **Renewals not here** Joy Club Taipei
4800 C 3 **Renewals not here** PECL Toastmasters Club Taipei
4832 I 2 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met New Century Bilingual Club Taichung
4844 H 2 Verified complete - 08/11/2020 Formosa Club Taipei, Taiwan.
5013 C 3 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met CECI Club Taipei
5159 J 1 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Cheer Club Taoyuan
5808 M 2 **Renewals not here** Prestige Toastmasters Club Taipei
5844 C 2 **Renewals not here** China Club Taipei
5871 C 3 **Renewals not here** Innovative Club Taipei City
5875 G 3 **Renewals not here** Spark Club Taipei
5876 E 2 **Renewals not here** Taoyuan Club Taoyuan
5978 B 1 **Renewals not here** Taichung Toastmasters Club (TTC) Taichung
6123 P 3 **Renewals not here** Pacific Club Taipei City
6679 J 3 **Renewals not here** Success Bilingual Toastmasters Club Taoyuan City
7058 J 1 **Renewals not here** Taiwan Hakka Club Taoyuan City
7265 G 2 **Renewals not here** World Mosaic Toastmasters Club Taipei
7355 L 1 **Renewals not here** Fengyuan Club Fengyuan
7404 H 3 **Renewals not here** Sunshine Toastmasters Club Taipei
7597 C 1 **Renewals not here** Galaxy Toastmasters Taipei City
7613 G 2 **Renewals not here** Happy Life Toastmasters Club Keelung
7638 F 3 **Renewals not here** Pu-Shin Bilingual Club Changhua
7828 J 2 **Renewals not here** Hai-Lan-Lan Keelung Toastmasters Club Keelung
7830 P 3 **Renewals not here** Taichung Central Japanese Club Taichung
7862 A 4 **Renewals not here** ALE ELITE Club Taipei
8057 H 2 **Renewals not here** Y.W.C.A. Club Taipei
8381 E 2 **Renewals not here** Linkou Toastmasters Club Taoyuan County
8681 C 1 **Renewals not here** Excellence Toastmasters Club New Taipei City
8702 P 1 **Renewals not here** Happy Club Taipei
8896 E 2 **Renewals not here** YZU Toastmasters Club Taoyuan
8900 N 1 **Renewals not here** Taipei Phoenix Toastmasters Club Taipei
9159 B 1 **Renewals not here** Beast Toastmasters Club Taichung City
9217 M 1 **Renewals not here** National Taiwan University Club Taipei
9234 F 2 **Renewals not here** Changhua Bilingual Club Chang-Hua
9244 F 1 **Renewals not here** Happiness Toastmasters Club Taichung
9295 C 2 **Renewals not here** Legacy Taipei City
9404 O 2 **Renewals not here** Elite Club Kaohsiung
9500 K 2 **Renewals not here** Top Gun Bilingual Gangshan District, Kaohsiung City
9577 E 3 **Renewals not here** Chungli Toastmasters Club Taoyuan City
9749 G 2 **Renewals not here** BID Taipei
9917 A 1 **Renewals not here** Ta Ren Toastmasters Taipei
9925 B 1 **Renewals not here** Ale Ultimate Toastmaster Club Taichung City
9995 E 3 **Renewals not here** Longtan Club Taoyuan City
587955 D 1 **Renewals not here** Tso-Ying Club Kaohsiung City
587964 K 1 **Renewals not here** Red Hill Toastmasters Club Tainan City
588627 D 2 **Renewals not here** ALE MAX Toastmasters Club Kaohsiung
604349 F 1 **Renewals not here** Taichung Taiwanese Club Taichung
621825 C 4 **Renewals not here** Hualien Toastmasters Club Hualien City
633480 F 2 **Renewals not here** Huatan Bilingual Club Changhua County
654073 G 3 **Renewals not here** Yang Ming University Toastmasters Club Taipei
675391 G 1 **Renewals not here** Ale Ladder Toastmasters Club Taipei
675542 K 2 **Renewals not here** ALE Spectacular Toastmasters Club Tainan City
679606 I 3 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Fluency Club Taichung City
683734 J 3 **Renewals not here** Yama Kawa Bilingual Club Taoyuan City
687386 F 4 **Renewals not here** Chung Hsing Chinese Club ??
690379 A 4 **Renewals not here** FJU Toastmasters Club New Taipei City
704229 E 3 **Renewals not here** Legend Advanced Toastmasters Club Taoyuan
722604 K 2 **Renewals not here** Cheng Kung Toastmasters Club Tainan
772355 M 1 **Renewals not here** National Chengchi University Club Taipei
807883 A 2 **Renewals not here** NeiHu Toastmasters Club Taipei City
810967 M 3 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met MSD Taiwan Toastmasters Club Taipei
844289 N 1 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met CTBC Club Taipei
966472 A 3 **Renewals not here** Soochow University Taipei
971581 M 2 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Taipei Metro Toastmasters Club Taipei
972131 L 1 **Renewals not here** Huluton T.C. Fongyuan
974403 K 3 **Renewals not here** Shin Ying Toastmasters Club Tainan city
990908 C 3 **Renewals not here** U-SWOT Toastmasters Club Taipei
1024720 H 1 **Renewals not here** ALPHA Taipei
1072817 I 1 **Renewals not here** Yuanlin Yuanlin Township, Changhua County
1103511 L 1 **Renewals not here** Taichung Elite Advanced Taichung City
1117237 B 2 **Renewals not here** Distinguished Bilingual Taichung City
1120107 L 2 **Renewals not here** Medical Group Toastmasters Club Fengyuan District
1121572 F 3 **Renewals not here** Top Bilingual TC Taichung City
1121574 F 4 **Renewals not here** Nantou Mentor Toastmasters Club Nantou
1121609 O 3 **Renewals not here** Ovation Advanced Toastmasters Club ???
1121719 I 2 **Renewals not here** Taichung Advanced Xitun District
1122313 D 2 **Renewals not here** Kaohsiung Members United-Bilingual Kaohsiung City
1152770 N 2 **Renewals not here** Taiwan Toastmasters Club Taipei
1154997 O 2 **Renewals not here** Kaohsiung Medical University Kaohsiung
1169394 K 2 **Renewals not here** Full House Bilingual Toastmasters Tainan City
1189377 B 2 **Renewals not here** Young Toastmasters Club Taichung City
1220745 G 4 **Renewals not here** Irrationally Motivated Advanced Toastmasters Club Taipei
1249045 H 2 **Renewals not here** TTU Toastmasters Club Taipei
1294145 L 3 **Renewals not here** Da-Ya T.C. Taichung City
1298297 I 2 **Renewals not here** Taichung Tech Toastmasters Club Taichung City
1304229 F 3 **Renewals not here** Hsiushui Bilingual Changhua County
1339123 H 4 **Renewals not here** Taipei Tech Taipei
1349538 N 2 **Renewals not here** HP Taiwan Taipei
1349560 H 4 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Leadership Village Toastmasters Taipei
1403337 F 2 **Renewals not here** Lantern Taiwanese Toastmasters Club Taichung City
1403954 L 2 **Renewals not here** Tan-Zih Toastmasters Club Taichung
1405251 K 1 **Renewals not here** Charming Toastmasters Club Tainan
1435236 G 4 **Renewals not here** Skal Taipei Toastmasters Club Taipei City
1448735 L 3 **Renewals not here** Chung-Gang TC Wuci Township
1460763 I 3 **Renewals not here** Da-Li TC ???
1474881 B 3 **Renewals not here** Nankai Bilingual Toastmasters Club Caitun Township, Nantou County
1481471 M 3 **Renewals not here** EYT Toastmasters Taipei
1498319 B 1 **Renewals not here** Bei-Tun TC Taichung
1498820 M 2 **Renewals not here** Far Eastern Int'L Bank Taipei
1516254 O 3 **Renewals not here** Golden Noon Toastmasters Club Kaohsiung
1572697 E 2 **Renewals not here** CYCU Toastmasters Club Zhongli
1717071 A 4 **Renewals not here** National Taiwan University Science and Technology Taipei
1739629 P 1 **Renewals not here** Taipei DCS Toastmasters Club Taipei City
1829287 M 1 **Renewals not here** Young-Bankers Toastmasters Club Taipei City
1849600 J 3 **Renewals not here** Aloha Bilingual Club Taoyuan City
1876953 F 4 **Renewals not here** Harmony Bilingual Nantou
1891721 F 4 **Renewals not here** Puli Bilingual Puli Township
2851455 N 3 **Renewals not here** Ferina New Taipei
3124023 B 3 **Renewals not here** Chaoyang Tech Taichung
3154640 D 2 **Renewals not here** NKUHT Kaohsiung City
3168179 M 4 **Renewals not here** Trend Micro Toastmasters Club Taipei
3302893 P 2 **Renewals not here** Elephant Advanced Toastmasters Club Taipei
3314694 J 1 **Renewals not here** Sounder Bilingual Toastmasters Club Zhongli Dist.
3356003 O 1 **Renewals not here** HOPAX Toastmasters Club Kaoshiung
3454147 H 1 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met TGIF Christian Toastmasters Taipei
3560401 K 3 **Renewals not here** NCYU Toastmasters Club Chiayi
3634554 A 3 **Renewals not here** ASUS Toastmasters Club Taipei
3866695 I 1 **Renewals not here** Chung Shan Medical University Toastmasters Club Taichung City
3913442 C 4 **Renewals not here** NDHU Toastmasters Club Shoufeng Township
4063226 M 1 **Renewals not here** KPMG Taiwan Toastmasters Club Taipei City
4069930 C 4 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Entrepreneur Toastmasters Club Taipei City
4070034 A 1 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met NTUB Toastmasters Club Taipei
4167443 G 1 **Renewals not here** Life Bridge Bilingual Taipei City
4206402 H 2 **Renewals not here** Evershine Billingual Taipei
4273086 E 3 **Renewals not here** FENC Taoyuan
4273941 B 3 **Renewals not here** USI Toastmasters Clubs Nantou
4405859 I 3 **Renewals not here** China Medical University Taichung City
4432659 A 2 **Renewals not here** Incredible Asus Toastmaster Club Taipei
4718558 L 2 **Renewals not here** Asia University Taichung
4726404 D 1 **Renewals not here** Sun Yat Sen Bilingual Toastmasters Club Kaohsiung City
4772303 O 3 **Renewals not here** Pingtung Mandarin-Taiwanese Bilingual Toastmasters Club Pingtung
4911670 M 4 **Renewals not here** Dell Taiwan Toastmasters Club Taipei
4937920 A 2 **Renewals not here** Pega Pega Toastmasters Club Taipei
5239474 B 2 **Renewals not here** Wildcats Toastmasters Club Miaoli
5443064 G 1 **Renewals not here** Born to Shine Christian Toastmasters Taipei
5504304 C 2 **Renewals not here** Fung Academy Toastmasters Club - Taiwan Taipei
5518097 O 2 **Renewals not here** NPUST Toastmasters Club Pingtung
5543598 J 2 **Renewals not here** Keelung Toastmasters Club Keelung
5568901 P 3 **Renewals not here** Chung Hsing Japanese Toastmasters Club Nantou
5856856 L 1 **Renewals not here** Li-Lin Bilingual Toastmasters Club Taichung
5893390 M 3 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met PAREXEL International Taipei
6062117 O 1 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met NKNU Toastmasters Club Kaohsiung
6578666 F 1 **Renewals not here** Go-Me Bilingual Taichung City
6590424 K 1 Verified complete - 08/11/2020 Shanhua Toastmasters Club (SHTC) Tainan
6599288 P 2 **Renewals not here** NTNU Mandarin Toastmasters Club Taipei
6599514 N 1 **Renewals not here** J.P. Morgan Taiwan Toastmasters Club Taipei
6656497 M 3 **Renewals not here** Chang Hwa Bank Toastmasters Club Taipei City
6715993 E 1 **Renewals not here** NTHU Toastmasters Hsinchu
6785226 H 4 **Renewals not here** UPS Taiwan Toastmasters Club Taipei
6885989 C 4 **Renewals not here** Taipei Lions Toastmasters Club Taipei
6904798 H 4 **Renewals not here** National Taiwan Normal University English Toastmasters Taipei City
6926289 L 2 **Renewals not here** YuDa University (YDU) Miaoli County
6959069 N 3 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met N T P C Toastmasters Club New Taipei City
6988960 E 1 **Renewals not here** UBI Group Hsinchu
7084583 J 2 **Renewals not here** Taoyuan Taiwanese Toastmasters Club Taoyuan City
7299110 E 1 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Hi Five Zhubei Bilingual Toastmasters Club Zhubei City
7320722 N 3 **Renewals not here** Tpark New Taipei City
7354819 A 3 **Renewals not here** TridL Toastmasters Club New Taipei City
7484452 C 2 Verified complete - 08/10/2020 AMEX Taiwan Toastmasters Club Taipei
7484503 D 3 **Renewals not here** MIRDC Toastmasters Club Kaohsiung
7493198 G 2 **Renewals not here** SOL Taipei Bilingual Toastmasters Club Taipei
7545471 C 1 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met We Rock Toastmasters Club Taipei City
7701248 H 1 **Renewals not here** Google Taiwan Toastmasters Club New Taipei City
7717805 N 2 **Renewals not here** Innova Solutions TDC Toastmasters Club Taipei City
7770391 H 3 **Renewals not here** Polaris Toastmasters Club Taipei City
7770555 K 3 Verified complete - 05/01/2020 CPCTC Toastmasters Club Chiayi
7791525 E 1 **Renewals not here** Zhubei Bilingual Toastmasters Club Zhubei City

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