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  October Dues Renewal Status - District 55
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Club Division Area Renewal_Status Name Location
102 J 66 **Renewals not here** Speechmasters Club Austin
181 G 34 **Renewals not here** USAA Toastmasters San Antonio
423 J 64 **Renewals not here** Texas State Talkers Club Austin
966 I 52 **Renewals not here** Tejas Toastmasters Club Austin
1277 I 51 **Renewals not here** Oak Hill Toastmasters Austin
1286 L 81 **Renewals not here** Lonestar Toastmasters Killeen
1516 L 83 **Renewals not here** Trellis Speaks Club Round Rock
1621 F 23 **Renewals not here** 210 Toasties San Antonio
1722 H 42 **Renewals not here** New Braunfels Toastmasters Club New Braunfels
1869 K 76 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Get Up and Go Toastmasters Club of Austin, TX Austin
2048 J 66 **Renewals not here** Capital City Toastmasters Club Austin
2207 H 44 **Renewals not here** Business & Professional Toastmasters Club San Antonio
2263 J 61 **Renewals not here** Toast Matters Club Austin
2845 H 45 **Renewals not here** Randolph AFB Toastmasters Zoom
3140 G 31 **Renewals not here** Fredericksburg Club Fredericksburg
3407 K 75 **Renewals not here** Balcones Toastmasters Club Austin
3776 H 41 **Renewals not here** Col Jack D Wallace Club Bulverde
3818 F 22 **Renewals not here** H-E-B Club San Antonio
4256 J 64 **Renewals not here** Austin Toastmasters Club Austin
4418 J 65 **Renewals not here** Travtalk Toastmasters Club Austin
4573 J 63 **Renewals not here** Dynamic Public Speakers Austin
4591 L 82 **Renewals not here** Round Rock Chambermasters Club Round Rock
4601 H 43 **Renewals not here** Talk of the Tower Club San Antonio
4948 G 34 **Renewals not here** USAA Bank Toastmasters Club San Antonio
4952 J 64 **Renewals not here** Aim High Club Austin
5068 F 23 **Renewals not here** Laredo Toastmasters Club Laredo
5166 G 33 **Renewals not here** North San Antonio Club San Antonio
5215 L 83 **Renewals not here** Farmers Northstars Club Austin
5294 H 42 **Renewals not here** Seguin Premier Toastmasters Club Seguin
5531 J 64 **Renewals not here** West Austin I Toastmasters Club Austin
5590 L 81 **Renewals not here** Big T Toastmasters Club Temple
5602 F 22 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met G.U.T.S. Club -lackland AFB Lackland AFB
5615 L 82 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Dell Master Speakers Club Round Rock
5629 H 43 **Renewals not here** San Antonio Sociable Toastmasters San Antonio
5741 L 83 **Renewals not here** Williamson County Toastmasters Club Round Rock
6058 G 35 **Renewals not here** Northwest Toastmasters Club San Antonio
6260 J 63 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Exchange Park Club Austin
6379 I 52 **Renewals not here** West Austin II Austin
6427 H 46 **Renewals not here** Alamo Heights Club San Antonio
6457 G 35 **Renewals not here** Texas Talkers Toastmasters Club San Antonio
6482 F 24 **Renewals not here** Highnoon Toastmasters CORPUS CHRISTI
6577 L 82 **Renewals not here** Georgetown Toastmasters Club Georgetown
6755 J 65 **Renewals not here** Armadillo Avenue Club Austin
7480 G 35 **Renewals not here** Audie's Orators San Antonio
7616 L 84 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Dell Toastmasters Club Austin
7629 K 73 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Today Toastmasters Club Austin
7757 L 84 **Renewals not here** Austintatious Toastmasters Club Austin
7774 K 75 **Renewals not here** Arboretum Toastmasters Club Austin
7947 I 53 **Renewals not here** Barton Springs Club Austin
8073 J 62 **Renewals not here** Central Austin Toastmasters Austin
8524 I 55 **Renewals not here** San Marcos Toastmasters Club San Marcos
8544 G 31 **Renewals not here** Kerrville Area Toastmasters Club Kerrville
8737 G 34 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Texas Tongue Twisters Club San Antonio
8772 G 36 **Renewals not here** Slick Talkers Club San Antonio
9020 F 21 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Adelante Club San Antonio
9082 F 21 **Renewals not here** Downtown Professional Toastmasters San Antonio
9141 I 51 **Renewals not here** Smoothtalkers Club Austin
9174 L 85 **Renewals not here** NI Speechmeisters Club Austin
9325 I 53 **Renewals not here** TXDOT Club Austin
9434 G 33 **Renewals not here** San Antonio Toastmasters Club San Antonio
9724 F 25 **Renewals not here** Metro Toastmasters Club McAllen
9752 K 76 **Renewals not here** Lake Travis Toastmasters Club Lakeway
9761 H 45 **Renewals not here** Universal City Club Universal City
9800 L 84 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Arthur Storer Toastmasters Club Pflugerville
9804 L 85 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met IBM Club Austin
590635 K 71 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Lakeline Toastmasters Cedar Park
692498 L 81 **Renewals not here** Texas Stars Toastmasters Temple
696716 H 46 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met SAWS Fluid Communicators Club San Antonio
717018 G 33 **Renewals not here** Toastmasters of the Universe Club San Antonio
744735 H 45 **Renewals not here** Randolph-Brooks Rising Stars Club Live Oak
749617 J 63 **Renewals not here** Community Club Austin
830146 F 24 **Renewals not here** Seadrifters Toastmasters Club Seadrift
861888 H 46 **Renewals not here** Alamo City Toastmasters Club San Antonio
925495 I 55 **Renewals not here** Rise 'N Shine Toastmasters Club Kyle
947037 K 75 **Renewals not here** Laughing Matters Austin
959372 G 32 **Renewals not here** Beyond Basics San Antonio
969470 H 44 **Renewals not here** Broadway Toastmasters Club San Antonio
993201 K 74 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met TMHP Toastmasters Austin
1074627 I 55 **Renewals not here** Wimberley Toastmasters Wimberley
1085173 I 54 **Renewals not here** South Austin Austin
1121736 K 74 **Renewals not here** iChatters Austin
1122323 I 53 **Renewals not here** HACA Austin
1144256 J 64 **Renewals not here** UT Sciences Toastmasters Club Austin
1188875 H 41 **Renewals not here** Top Notch Trainers (TNT) San Antonio
1206938 J 66 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met MAXIMUS Austin Toastmasters Austin
1214475 G 31 **Renewals not here** Fredericksburg Family Toastmasters Fredericksburg
1239517 G 35 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Heart 2 Heart Toastmasters San Antonio
1251598 I 55 **Renewals not here** Dripping Springs Toastmasters Dripping Springs
1272414 G 32 **Renewals not here** Hill Country Toastmasters Boerne
1279739 F 21 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Future Speakers on the Horizon (FSH) JBSA - Fort Sam Houston
1282964 K 74 **Renewals not here** Speaking of Liberty Austin
1297751 K 72 **Renewals not here** Master Speakers of Austin Austin
1297787 F 25 **Renewals not here** HUB City Pharr
1314310 H 43 **Renewals not here** Stone Oak Toastmasters San Antonio
1360093 K 71 **Renewals not here** Highland Lakes Toastmasters Marble Falls
1363518 L 83 **Renewals not here** Shoreline Toastmasters Austin
1366665 F 24 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Aqua Vitae Corpus Christi
1380489 J 61 **Renewals not here** The National Alliance Toastmasters Austin
1403188 G 32 **Renewals not here** River Talkers San Antonio
1410377 K 76 **Renewals not here** Toastmasters at Riverbend Austin
1426398 K 75 **Renewals not here** Launch Pad Toastmasters Austin
1498774 K 76 **Renewals not here** Digital Toast Austin
1517860 G 35 **Renewals not here** UT Health Science Center San Antonio Toastmasters San Antonio
1532558 H 45 **Renewals not here** RAX Toastmasters Windcrest
1555969 J 64 **Renewals not here** UT Staff Toastmasters Austin
1567274 I 53 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met iToast Austin
1586036 G 34 **Renewals not here** USAA Leaders San Antonio
1588558 L 81 **Renewals not here** Central Texas Vocal Aces Killeen
1637427 J 62 **Renewals not here** TSAE Toastmasters Austin
1814271 H 43 **Renewals not here** Clear Communicators San Antonio
1848026 G 36 **Renewals not here** SNO Much To Talk About San Antonio
1967950 L 82 **Renewals not here** ERCOT Toastmasters Taylor
1989189 L 84 **Renewals not here** Pearson's Toasters Austin
2000937 J 66 **Renewals not here** Austin Pride Toastmasters Austin
2003053 J 62 **Renewals not here** Austin PM Austin
2430775 K 72 **Renewals not here** Zandalari Tribe Austin
2442151 I 52 **Renewals not here** Bilingual Toastmasters of Austin Austin
2447003 F 22 **Renewals not here** Speak Right (SR-171) San Antonio
2474819 K 72 **Renewals not here** Office Depot Toastmasters of Austin Austin
2475290 H 41 **Renewals not here** Equipping Voices Toastmasters Bulverde
2630868 I 53 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met One Texas Toast Austin
2730104 H 44 **Renewals not here** Rising Toastmasters San Antonio
2742920 H 42 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met The Chamber Toastmasters Schertz
2814736 G 34 **Renewals not here** USAA TM Night Club San Antonio
2884053 L 81 **Renewals not here** Killeen Toastmasters Killeen
3022729 F 24 **Renewals not here** Small Biz Buzz Corpus Christi
3087803 F 23 **Renewals not here** Toastmasters at Texas A&M University-San Antonio San Antonio
3110129 L 85 **Renewals not here** Schwab Talks Austin
3267481 K 72 **Renewals not here** Toast With Confidence Austin
3338503 H 41 **Renewals not here** Sunday Speakers San Antonio
3369864 G 36 **Renewals not here** Stagecoach Speakers San Antonio
3401866 I 51 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met South West Austin Toastmasters Austin
3465159 J 63 **Renewals not here** Austin Toastmasters Pursuing Excellence Austin
3567534 G 36 **Renewals not here** Global Elites San Antonio
3614062 G 33 **Renewals not here** Gavel Masters San Antonio
3758381 H 42 **Renewals not here** Two Rivers Communicators New Braunfels
3891758 I 51 **Renewals not here** Austin RISC Masters Austin
3922503 I 54 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Oracle Speaks Austin
4011055 K 75 **Renewals not here** Sogeti Austin Toastmasters Austin
4031781 K 72 **Renewals not here** Keep Austin Toasted Austin
4042956 H 41 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Marathon Texas Toast Masters San Antonio
4065718 K 73 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Austin Keynotes Austin
4094807 J 66 **Renewals not here** Capital Metro Toastmasters Austin
4108266 G 32 **Renewals not here** Lead To Succeed - A Toastmasters Club For Women San Antonio
4125674 L 85 **Renewals not here** Birdhouse Toastmasters (HomeAway North) Austin
4125683 I 54 **Renewals not here** Homeaway Penn Field Penn & Tellers Austin
4370287 F 24 **Renewals not here** Sparkling City Toastmasters Club Corpus Christi
4476452 I 54 **Renewals not here** SpeakConveyConnect Austin
4667503 L 85 **Renewals not here** Blackbaud Austin Toastmasters Austin
4901581 K 74 **Renewals not here** Luminex Toastmasters Austin
4961614 F 25 **Renewals not here** Alpha Toastmasters McAllen
5163164 G 35 **Renewals not here** United Public Speakers San Antonio
5194531 I 54 **Renewals not here** Austin 360 Toastmasters Austin
5240941 G 32 **Renewals not here** Medtronic SA San Antonio
5244581 J 65 **Renewals not here** TDLR Toastmasters Austin
5540040 G 36 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Frost Toastmasters San Antonio
5613499 K 71 **Renewals not here** Paper Club Leander
5614348 J 62 **Renewals not here** UPS Toastmasters Austin
5626494 F 23 **Renewals not here** City of San Antonio SAN ANTONIO
5663394 L 85 **Renewals not here** Tech Toast Austin
5857640 F 21 **Renewals not here** Ernst & Young San Antonio San Antonio
5873692 F 22 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met SARA Toastmasters San Antonio
5954082 F 26 **Renewals not here** S.H.I.E.L.D. Toastmasters Harlingen
5963837 L 82 **Renewals not here** At Ease Toastmasters Georgetown
6042302 K 71 **Renewals not here** T-Werx Toastmasters Cedar Park
6065475 J 63 **Renewals not here** TOAST NOW Austin
6112691 J 61 **Renewals not here** UFCU Austin
6118894 L 83 **Renewals not here** Emerson Innovators Round Rock
6560345 K 71 **Renewals not here** Austin Informatica Toastmasters Austin
6576025 I 52 **Renewals not here** Brave Little Toastmasters Austin
6608629 L 81 **Renewals not here** Elite Toastmasters Temple
6614284 J 61 **Renewals not here** Reynolds Rap Austin
6723031 K 76 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Zenoss Toastmasters Austin
6871808 G 36 **Renewals not here** Alamo Ranch San Antonio
6887848 J 65 **Renewals not here** Noise Cancellers Austin
6934684 I 52 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Capital Ridge Orators West Lake Hills
6960504 K 73 **Renewals not here** Life's A Speech Austin
6962863 I 54 **Renewals not here** HDR Austin Toastmaster's Club Austin
7002566 L 84 **Renewals not here** TDLR North Austin
7002582 G 33 **Renewals not here** Speak Easy Today San Antonio
7030400 G 31 **Renewals not here** Toastmasters Orating At The Rio Laughlin Afb
7032821 J 63 **Renewals not here** Bilingual Lady Toastmasters Austin
7055617 I 53 **Renewals not here** Media Masters Austin
7106647 J 65 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Whole Wheat Toastmasters Austin
7182375 F 26 **Renewals not here** Brownsville Toastmasters Brownsville
7199373 H 46 **Renewals not here** Alamo Toastmasters Club San Antonio
7219118 K 74 **Renewals not here** Aurigo Masterwords Toastmasters Club Austin
7273292 I 51 **Renewals not here** Southside Speakers Austin
7282825 J 61 **Renewals not here** Manor Toastmasters Manor
7294562 J 62 **Renewals not here** NanoToast Toastmasters Austin
7299235 H 44 **Renewals not here** HDR San Antonio Toastmasters Club San Antonio
7325108 G 31 **Renewals not here** City of Del Rio Del Rio
7400356 F 26 **Renewals not here** American Bar Association (ABA) - Probar Toastmasters Harlingen
7413862 K 73 **Renewals not here** Planview Toastmasters Club Austin
7462906 F 26 **Renewals not here** BPUB Toastmasters Club Brownsville
7470694 L 84 **Renewals not here** Orange Orators Austin
7474969 F 22 **Renewals not here** Emerging Leaders of Gonzaba San Antonio
7539770 H 43 **Renewals not here** KWYP River Cities San Antonio
7548205 J 65 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Center of Gravity Toastmasters Austin
7549236 H 45 **Renewals not here** Texas Tri-County Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters Universal City
7549237 F 21 **Renewals not here** CPS Energy Toastmasters San Antonio
7562771 I 53 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Speakin' Ain'T Easy Austin
7645424 H 46 **Renewals not here** SAPL Toastmasters San Antonio
7675831 F 24 **Renewals not here** Medically Speaking Corpus Christi
7762754 I 54 **Renewals not here** BoostTalk Experian Austin
7787442 H 44 **Renewals not here** Oracle San Antonio Toastmasters Club San Antonio

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