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  October Dues Renewal Status - District 46
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Club Division Area Renewal_Status Name Location
137 B 26 **Renewals not here** Knickerbocker Toastmasters Club New York
334 E 53 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met World Financial Center Toastmasters New York
451 F 64 **Renewals not here** Metro New York New York
735 F 66 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met NYU + City Hall Toastmasters New York
863 A 15 **Renewals not here** Westchester Toastmasters White Plains
1012 F 66 **Renewals not here** MINY Toastmasters New York
1105 H 82 **Renewals not here** Freeport-Hempstead Toastmasters Club Freeport
1234 D 41 **Renewals not here** Brooklyn's Best Toastmasters Club Brooklyn
1436 F 64 **Renewals not here** Graybar Club New York
1636 B 25 **Renewals not here** Leadership Roundtable Toastmasters Club New York
1876 B 26 **Renewals not here** SEC Roughriders Club New York
1885 E 52 **Renewals not here** Wall Street Toastmasters Club New York
1949 F 62 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met New York Toastmasters Club New York
1964 H 83 **Renewals not here** Huntington Club Huntington Station
2223 C 34 **Renewals not here** Parsons Brinckerhoff Toastmasters Club New York
2286 F 64 **Renewals not here** Traffic Club New York
2413 H 85 **Renewals not here** Northern Brookhaven Club Stony Brook
2608 B 23 **Renewals not here** Pacers Toastmasters Club New York
2676 B 21 **Renewals not here** TIC Toastmasters Club New York
2895 B 25 **Renewals not here** Bryant Park Toastmasters Club New York
3035 A 11 **Renewals not here** Toast Of The Bronx Club Bronx
3061 F 61 **Renewals not here** Vanderbilt Club New York
3172 F 64 **Renewals not here** Greenspeakers Club New York
3188 H 86 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Bethpage Toastmasters Bethpage
3507 B 24 **Renewals not here** NYC Equitable Toastmasters Club (formerly Axa-Equitable) New York
3605 A 17 **Renewals not here** Reader's Digest Toastmasters Ossining
3627 H 82 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Syosset & Plainview Toastmasters Club Syosset
3824 A 11 **Renewals not here** Co-op City Toastmasters Club Bronx
4000 D 42 **Renewals not here** Premier Club Brooklyn
4121 G 75 **Renewals not here** Roosevelt Island Club New York
4242 G 76 **Renewals not here** Toast of Queens Bayside
4326 H 81 **Renewals not here** Elmer A Sperry Club New Hyde Park
4539 H 85 **Renewals not here** Suffolk Toastmasters Club Setauket
4545 D 41 Verified complete - 08/14/2017 Heights Toastmasters Club Brooklyn
4609 F 67 **Renewals not here** New York Harbor Toastmasters Club New York
5002 D 41 **Renewals not here** Omni Toastmasters Club Brooklyn
5328 C 32 **Renewals not here** Voices of Bank America Club New York
5394 G 77 **Renewals not here** True Potential Toastmasters Club Kew Gardens
5446 F 67 **Renewals not here** Talk Of The Towers Club New York
5463 A 15 **Renewals not here** Speakers With Authority White Plains
5487 D 44 **Renewals not here** S&P Effective Communicators Club New York
5521 F 66 **Renewals not here** Genesis Toastmasters Club New York
5596 G 73 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Global Expression Club New York
5850 H 82 **Renewals not here** Toastmasters - The Garden City Chapter Garden City
6112 G 75 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met DDC Toastmasters Club Long Island City
6138 G 71 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met East Side Toastmasters Club New York
6357 D 46 **Renewals not here** F. R. O. G. Club New York
6394 B 27 **Renewals not here** Nichibei Toastmasters Club New York
6469 B 22 **Renewals not here** ASCAP Club New York
6615 A 12 **Renewals not here** Bronx Toastmasters Club Bronx
7230 A 14 **Renewals not here** Pepsico Toastmasters Club Purchase
7292 D 42 **Renewals not here** Transmasters Brooklyn
7444 F 65 **Renewals not here** Mad Toasters Toastmasters Club New York
7497 H 84 Verified complete - 08/11/2017 E Z Speakers Toastmasters Club Hauppauge
7641 C 31 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Thomson Reuters Rooters New York
7692 H 81 **Renewals not here** Pall Toasties Club Manhasset
7883 F 61 **Renewals not here** Pfree Speech Toastmasters Club New York
7890 G 73 **Renewals not here** Ringers Toastmasters Club New York
8069 H 85 **Renewals not here** BNL Toastmasters Club Middle Island
8131 D 42 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Bay Ridge Toastmasters Brooklyn
8348 H 86 **Renewals not here** Babylon Babblers Club Babylon
8558 A 17 **Renewals not here** Hudson River Toastmasters Ossining
8594 B 21 **Renewals not here** Harlem Toastmasters New York
8685 G 76 **Renewals not here** Queens Best Club Elmhurst
8926 H 83 **Renewals not here** L.I. Speakers Toastmasters Club Huntington
8927 E 54 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Federal Toastmasters Club New York
9454 F 67 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Baruch Toastmasters New York
9543 H 83 **Renewals not here** Easy Speakers Club Northport
9938 A 15 **Renewals not here** United We Stand Toastmasters Club White Plains
9954 E 56 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met 2 Broadway Club New York
9976 A 14 **Renewals not here** Cross Westchester Toastmasters White Plains
595443 B 22 **Renewals not here** Douglas Elliman New York
602358 C 34 **Renewals not here** Manhattan Toastmasters New York
643436 G 72 **Renewals not here** World Voices Club New York
648356 A 17 **Renewals not here** IBM Westchester Toastmasters Club Yorktown Heights
692700 E 51 **Renewals not here** Advanced Expressions Club New York
695803 A 15 **Renewals not here** Westchester Advanced Club White Plains
716600 A 16 **Renewals not here** Swiss Toast Club Armonk
741441 F 65 **Renewals not here** Credit Suisse Speak Up New York
759829 G 77 **Renewals not here** Talk of the Town Toastmasters Club Jamaica
828089 A 16 **Renewals not here** PepsiCo Valhalla Toastmasters Club Valhalla
832592 D 42 **Renewals not here** Stars of Fort Hamilton Toastmasters Brooklyn
870753 G 76 **Renewals not here** Blue & Green Toastmasters Corona
889516 A 14 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Legends of Sleepy Hollow Toastmasters Club White Plains
920677 D 44 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met DFS Toastmasters Club New York
965817 B 24 **Renewals not here** NYSSA Toastmasters New York
975323 C 35 **Renewals not here** Visiting Nurse Service of NY Toastmasters New York
993702 H 82 **Renewals not here** Powerhouse Speakers Club Hicksville
1009898 D 43 **Renewals not here** Long Island University-Brooklyn Brooklyn
1020463 G 75 **Renewals not here** Hunterspoint Toastmasters Long Island City
1023495 F 64 **Renewals not here** Mount Sinai Toastmasters New York
1115312 C 36 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Perky Talkmans New York
1166775 B 27 **Renewals not here** Mazars USA LLP New York
1168440 B 21 **Renewals not here** TORCH Toastmasters New York
1180341 B 22 **Renewals not here** West Side Talkers New York
1199057 A 14 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Priceless Speakers Purchase
1205208 F 65 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Fiesta -- Manhattan's Only Bilingual Spanish Club New York
1213823 C 32 **Renewals not here** Mtoast At 200 Park New York
1244840 B 26 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Deloitte Tri-State Toastmasters Club New York
1254058 F 61 **Renewals not here** Lexington Toastmasters New York
1267403 C 36 **Renewals not here** Pride Toastmasters New York
1296797 G 74 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Humorous Toastmasters New York
1322088 A 12 **Renewals not here** MI Toastmasters Yonkers
1342881 E 53 **Renewals not here** AP Essential Voices New York
1356476 H 86 **Renewals not here** Pinnacle Speakers Dix Hills
1371062 D 46 **Renewals not here** Aon NY Toastmasters New York
1382553 E 56 **Renewals not here** Club 65 New York
1384551 C 36 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met The New Voice New York
1387307 G 74 **Renewals not here** 730 Toastmasters New York
1393205 C 32 **Renewals not here** PwC NY Toastmasters New York
1424838 F 61 **Renewals not here** Club Orange New York
1442460 H 84 **Renewals not here** Perfect Pitch Hauppauge
1488421 A 13 **Renewals not here** Sound Shore Toastmasters Port Chester
1500422 A 11 **Renewals not here** Einstein Toastmasters Bronx
1526129 F 63 **Renewals not here** FactMasters New York
1542042 F 66 **Renewals not here** Williams Lea Toastmasters NYC New York
1548645 C 33 **Renewals not here** Times Toastmasters New York
1551020 F 62 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Toastmasters @ MSK New York
1588600 B 23 **Renewals not here** AB Toastmasters New York
1642359 G 72 **Renewals not here** Park Ave Toastmasters New York
1658771 D 45 **Renewals not here** U.S. Fund For UNICEF Toastmasters New York
1700500 B 26 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Midtown's Best @ Morgan Stanley New York
1721565 E 54 **Renewals not here** Jade Toastmasters Club New York
1738252 H 81 **Renewals not here** CCLI Toastmasters West Hempstead
1746795 D 45 **Renewals not here** Advanced Public Speakers New York
1766106 C 31 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Thomson Reuters Toast of Broadway New York
1833386 E 56 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met BBH NY Talking Heads New York
1884062 G 77 **Renewals not here** Advance For Excellence Briarwood
1888472 E 53 **Renewals not here** Opp-Bravo! New York
1908609 F 67 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met ConEdison Toastmasters New York
1914665 E 55 **Renewals not here** T.I.P. NEW YORK
1916935 D 44 **Renewals not here** Verbal Assassins New York
2078496 B 26 **Renewals not here** Marsh & McLennan Companies New York New York
2205317 E 52 **Renewals not here** Moody's Toastmasters Club New York
2218018 A 13 **Renewals not here** Monroe College Toastmasters New Rochelle
2332542 G 76 **Renewals not here** Flushing Toastmasters Flushing
2454938 C 36 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met gToast New York
2462223 D 41 **Renewals not here** Unity East Toastmasters Brooklyn
2560548 C 33 **Renewals not here** EY NYC Toastmasters New York
2884725 G 73 **Renewals not here** BlackRock Speaks NY New York
2909652 E 51 **Renewals not here** Cooper Union Toastmasters New York
3061936 H 81 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Emerging Speakers of Elmont Elmont
3171395 A 17 **Renewals not here** CRI Toastmasters Jefferson Valley
3172947 C 35 **Renewals not here** Devry-Keller NY Toastmasters New York
3290137 A 13 **Renewals not here** FCCNR Toastmasters New Rochelle
3299200 H 84 Verified complete - 08/11/2017 Cutting Edge Speakers Edgewood
3313240 F 62 **Renewals not here** Advanced Debaters New York
3314787 E 54 **Renewals not here** BNY Mellon Toastmasters New York
3332242 B 23 Verified complete - 08/11/2017 BNP Paribas Toastmasters New York
3337790 A 11 **Renewals not here** Bronx Advanced Speakers Toastmasters Bronx
3433011 G 74 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Travelers NYC New York
3468561 H 83 **Renewals not here** Mazars USA LLP - LIO Woodbury
3575727 E 55 **Renewals not here** Downtown Speech Regulators New York
3590041 C 34 **Renewals not here** Toast of NY New York
3618250 G 71 **Renewals not here** Bloomberg New York Toastmasters - Bloomberg Employee Only New York
3638279 A 16 **Renewals not here** BASF Tarrytown Toastmasters Tarrytown
3640336 A 12 **Renewals not here** Consumer Reports Toastmasters Yonkers
3651277 F 67 **Renewals not here** J. Crew 770 Toastmasters New York
3777199 D 44 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Downtown's Best New York
3777478 E 51 **Renewals not here** NYU Toastmasters New York
3793452 G 72 **Renewals not here** JPMorgan Toastmasters NYC New York
3797012 C 33 **Renewals not here** ASPCA Toastmasters Club New York
3797112 A 17 **Renewals not here** Northern Westchester Toastmasters Yorktown Heights
3885338 E 53 **Renewals not here** NYC Power Speakers New York
3890961 B 21 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Columbia University Toastmasters Club New York
3916690 B 24 **Renewals not here** State Street New York Toastmasters New York
3966637 G 74 **Renewals not here** FPANY Toastmasters Club New York
4032631 D 45 **Renewals not here** Guardian Toastmasters New York
4080286 A 12 **Renewals not here** Montefiore Toastmasters Bronx
4293827 G 77 **Renewals not here** The Cambria Heights Toastmasters Club Cambria Heights
4315364 C 32 **Renewals not here** The World's Leading Toastmasters New York
4389236 E 52 **Renewals not here** Pace Toastmasters New York
4405755 G 71 **Renewals not here** KPMG NYO Toastmasters Club New York
4421334 H 84 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Mind Masters Hauppauge
4456281 C 34 **Renewals not here** Initiative NY New York
4473025 H 85 **Renewals not here** Toast Hampton Bridge Hampton
4508458 D 46 **Renewals not here** Rotary Chinatown's Toastmasters New York
4565093 C 35 **Renewals not here** CPG Toastmasters New York
4624173 D 43 **Renewals not here** Toastmasters For Entrepreneurs Brooklyn
4630894 H 86 **Renewals not here** Lightly Toasted Melville
4634928 F 62 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met ToastNAAAPsters New York
4649110 D 46 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met AIG NYC Toastmasters New York
4672690 F 63 **Renewals not here** Midtown Masters New York
4677031 B 24 **Renewals not here** MS Midtown Complex New York
4683557 G 73 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Vodafone - New York New York
4713371 B 27 **Renewals not here** Mizuho Toastmasters Club New York
4748139 F 62 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Stagecoach Speakers, NYC New York
4776065 B 22 **Renewals not here** Fordham Lincoln Center Toastmasters New York
4779333 E 55 **Renewals not here** ToastmasterZ NY New York
4801918 C 34 **Renewals not here** CISCO NYC Toastmasters New York
4859823 D 43 **Renewals not here** JPMorgan Toastmasters Brooklyn Brooklyn
4912763 E 53 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Speak Up, America! New York
5224975 F 63 **Renewals not here** PMI NYC Toastmasters New York
5235976 E 56 **Renewals not here** HR Speaks Toastmasters New York
5271044 C 31 **Renewals not here** Fung Academy Toastmasters New York New York
5341774 E 54 **Renewals not here** Speaker's Portal Toastmasters New York
5341900 A 13 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Mount Vernon Toast Mount Vernon
5371277 B 25 **Renewals not here** The Empire Eagles New York
5379813 E 51 **Renewals not here** Dramatic Side Effects New York
5418945 B 25 **Renewals not here** Barclays New York Toastmasters New York
5425506 G 71 **Renewals not here** Yorkville Evening Stars - YES New York
5440513 G 72 **Renewals not here** TCB Toastmasters New York
5453113 E 55 **Renewals not here** Morningstar NYC Toastmasters New York
5488367 F 63 **Renewals not here** IIBA NYC Toastmasters New York
5513604 D 45 **Renewals not here** NUL Toastmasters New York
5575390 D 42 **Renewals not here** 180 Livingston Club Brooklyn
5580612 B 22 **Renewals not here** DE Squared New York
5589856 B 23 **Renewals not here** g-Toastmasters New York
5616485 F 65 **Renewals not here** Cervantes - Manhattan's Only All Spanish Club New York
5616534 B 27 **Renewals not here** District Leaders Toastmasters New York
5633253 D 43 **Renewals not here** L.A.C.E. Toastmasters Brooklyn
5638509 F 65 **Renewals not here** Manifestoast New York
5702924 G 77 **Renewals not here** York College Toastmasters New York
5719318 E 52 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Medidatians New York
5749845 G 75 **Renewals not here** YMCA - LIC Long Island City
5762149 A 16 **Renewals not here** Siemens Tarrytown Speechineers Tarrytown
5821058 C 33 **Renewals not here** Legg Mason Toastmasters - New York Chapter New York
5829986 A 15 **Renewals not here** Regeneron Toastmasters Tarrytown
5864849 A 14 **Renewals not here** The Toast of Purchase Purchase
5927264 G 76 **Renewals not here** Upstander Woodside
5949236 D 45 **Renewals not here** THE BREAD CRUMS New York
5954072 B 23 **Renewals not here** Ralph Lauren Toastmasters New York
5984247 D 46 **Renewals not here** Foreign Oratory Exchange (FOX) New York
6021925 C 31 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Toastmasters NYC Microsoft New York
6027380 H 82 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met The Rock of RVC Toastmasters Rockville Centre
6038149 G 74 **Renewals not here** CSCRM Toastmasters New York
6044702 B 25 **Renewals not here** Spectrum Reach Toastmasters New York
6050543 C 35 **Renewals not here** City Harvest Toast Talkers New York
6120339 G 73 **Renewals not here** CityMasters NY New York
6426850 A 12 **Renewals not here** IAC Applications Toastmasters Yonkers
6501985 G 72 Verified complete - 05/11/2017 A+E Networks NYC New York
6547510 E 55 **Renewals not here** DB New York Toastmasters New York
6547516 B 24 **Renewals not here** Speak Up Swiss Re New York
6550972 D 43 **Renewals not here** START Toastmasters Brooklyn
6558323 D 41 **Renewals not here** Koppelman Toastmasters Brooklyn
6576008 A 11 Verified complete - 06/08/2017 MIT Toastmasters Yonkers
6588345 C 35 **Renewals not here** OnDeck Toastmasters Club New York
6606660 G 71 **Renewals not here** New York Storytellers New York
6608722 C 34 Verified complete - 08/01/2017 Varonis Speakeasy New York
6610503 B 21 **Renewals not here** Grant Associates New York
6629366 D 43 Verified complete - 08/01/2017 BTM - Brooklyn Toast Masters Brooklyn

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