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  October Dues Renewal Status - District 104
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Club Division Area Renewal_Status Name Location
287 C 11 **Renewals not here** Tanglaw Toastmasters Club of Jeddah Jeddah
1339 H 37 **Renewals not here** HOPE Club Jeddah
3394 H 37 **Renewals not here** PACE Club Jeddah
6899 K 28 **Renewals not here** PSME-WRSA Club Jeddah 21462
8595 G 7 **Renewals not here** Abdul Latif Jameel TM Club Jeddah
639078 T 12 **Renewals not here** Al-Sharm Club Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah
889524 C 8 **Renewals not here** Nesma Holding Toastmasters Club Jeddah
896608 T 12 **Renewals not here** Yanbu Refinery Club Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah
993464 G 24 **Renewals not here** Voice Toastmasters Club Jeddah
1028833 H 34 **Renewals not here** PICPAWR Toastmasters Club Jeddah
1045479 C 8 **Renewals not here** Dar Al-Hekma University Jeddah
1272995 T 12 **Renewals not here** Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah
1383499 I 73 **Renewals not here** MAKKAH Toastmasters Club Makkah
1426276 C 11 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Effat University Toastmasters Club Jeddah
1452686 C 11 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Jeddah Advanced Toastmasters Club Jeddah
1456000 H 34 **Renewals not here** Jeddah Malayalam Toastmasters Club Jeddah
1462289 T 49 **Renewals not here** Al-Madina madinah
1567006 T 72 **Renewals not here** Danat Yanbu Yanbu Al -sinaiyah. KSA
1571027 I 46 **Renewals not here** Umm Al-Qura Makkah
1573469 G 33 **Renewals not here** Eagle Toastmasters Club Jeddah
1581870 T 49 **Renewals not here** Al-Hejrah Toastmasters Club Almadina
1584579 C 27 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Al-Ertiqa Jeddah
1701084 T 49 **Renewals not here** MCT Madinah
1871183 P 26 **Renewals not here** Energy Toastmasters Club SOA-A01 Abha
1904303 H 37 **Renewals not here** Wisdom Toastmasters Club Jeddah
2071927 G 24 **Renewals not here** Kamfi Toastmasters Club Jeddah
2078687 T 30 **Renewals not here** Taibah Pearls Madinah
2183751 G 33 **Renewals not here** ACES Toastmasters Club Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2215715 K 35 **Renewals not here** Jeddah Tamil Toastmasters Club Jeddah
2288569 H 34 **Renewals not here** Izhaar Urdu Talk Masters Jeddah
2346972 K 35 **Renewals not here** MYX JEDDAH TOASTMASTERS CLUB jeddah 21483
2477760 T 74 **Renewals not here** Al-Alya Al-Madinah
2570885 K 16 **Renewals not here** Galaxy of Stars Advanced Toastmasters Club Jeddah
2570939 G 7 **Renewals not here** Omega My Great Advanced TMC Jeddah
2907782 T 72 **Renewals not here** Rise In Glory Yanbu Industrial City
2979009 P 39 **Renewals not here** Abha Ladies Toastmasters Club Abha
3253526 H 18 **Renewals not here** Jeddah Elite Ladies Toastmasters Club Jeddah
3335821 T 49 **Renewals not here** Almohterifoon Advanced Almadenahalmonawara
3338157 K 16 **Renewals not here** Prime Toastmasters Club Jeddah
3487887 G 7 **Renewals not here** Green Toastmasters Club Jeddah
3598788 K 16 **Renewals not here** King Abdulaziz University Jeddah
4206338 H 18 **Renewals not here** Pace Advanced Toastmasters Club Jeddah
4224669 A 40 **Renewals not here** Shabab Aseer Abha
4363443 T 30 **Renewals not here** Quba Toastmasters Club Al-Madinah
4411236 G 24 **Renewals not here** Energy Toastmasters Club WOA-E01 Jeddah
4411327 K 35 **Renewals not here** Alfaneyah Toastmasters Club Jeddah
4526970 A 40 **Renewals not here** Abha Arabic Toastmasters Club Abha
4548869 A 69 **Renewals not here** Learn 4 Life Toastmasters Club ABHA
4582601 K 28 **Renewals not here** Galaxy of Stars Toastmasters Club Jeddah
4667322 I 73 **Renewals not here** IQRAA Toastmasters Club Makkah
4671851 A 69 **Renewals not here** Abha Advanced Toastmasters Abha
4672557 J 4 **Renewals not here** Jazan Ladies Toastmasters Club Jazan
4703032 H 5 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met ALEBDA Toastmasters Club (arabic) jeddah
5027275 I 47 **Renewals not here** Taif Club Toastmasters Taif
5114161 I 73 **Renewals not here** Al-Wehda Toastmasters Club Makkah
5144296 I 47 **Renewals not here** Hayat Club At-taif
5172561 H 18 **Renewals not here** Ceylon Toastmasters Club Jeddah
5305878 K 6 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Somoo Jeddah Club Jeddah
5434357 T 49 **Renewals not here** (Blind Roya) Arabic Language Al Madina Al Monawara
5438011 T 71 **Renewals not here** Tabh TM Club Madina
5438049 A 70 **Renewals not here** Alhejaz Toastmasters Club baljurashi
5473897 I 73 **Renewals not here** Energy Toastmasters Club WOA-A02 Makkah
5492047 T 30 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Tabouk TMC Tabuk
5501422 P 26 **Renewals not here** ASIR STC Toastmasters Club Abha
5506745 P 41 **Renewals not here** STC Najran Toastmasters Club Najran
5512739 T 74 **Renewals not here** Arees TM Club Medina
5518316 H 5 **Renewals not here** STC JED TOASTMASTERS Jeddah
5533428 T 71 **Renewals not here** Ghars TM Club Madina
5580620 J 1 **Renewals not here** Elite Toastmasters Club Jazan
5607205 P 41 **Renewals not here** Al Areen Toastmasters Club Dahran Al Janoob
5799259 T 12 **Renewals not here** YASREF Ambassadors Toastmasters Club Yanbu
5920726 T 74 **Renewals not here** Manarah Advanced Toastmasters Almadinah
5922371 I 46 **Renewals not here** Alresalah Makkah
5954100 J 2 **Renewals not here** Al Ebdaa Al Dayer
5985273 C 27 Low - Minimum requirement not yet met Eloquent Toastmasters Club of Jeddah Jeddah
6021068 T 74 **Renewals not here** Al Ola Toastmasters Club Al Madinah
6051453 C 27 **Renewals not here** YLC Toastmasters Club Jeddah
6063255 I 73 Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met Benaa Toastmasters Club Makkah
6069694 A 70 **Renewals not here** Billasmar Toastmasters Club Billasmar
6429739 J 2 **Renewals not here** Jazan Refinery Toastmasters Club Baish/ JCPDI
6509774 J 3 **Renewals not here** Ruiah Toastmasters Club abuariash
6509848 J 1 **Renewals not here** Al Hazem Toastmasters Club Jazan
6509896 J 2 **Renewals not here** Mawaheb Toastmasters Club Al Mukalla, Fowwah
6512899 J 4 **Renewals not here** Noon Al Neswah Toastmasters Club Jazan
6518424 J 3 **Renewals not here** Nama'a Ladies Toastmasters Club Jazan
6591925 J 1 **Renewals not here** Jazan Toastmasters Club Jazan
6591933 J 4 **Renewals not here** Qaiyam Toastmasters Club Sabya
6591960 P 41 **Renewals not here** Najran Toastmasters Club Najran
6608610 P 39 **Renewals not here** Al Wasem Toastmasters Club Abha
6630494 K 28 **Renewals not here** AL NAGHI TOASTMASTERS CLUB Jeddah
6644822 H 5 **Renewals not here** AL NAGHI (Arabic) Toastmasters Club Jeddah
6722053 P 39 **Renewals not here** Bisha Ladies Toastmasters Club Bisha
6783205 K 6 **Renewals not here** The Decisions Toastmasters Jeddah
6800099 I 46 **Renewals not here** Laureate Makkah Club Makkah
6804496 I 46 **Renewals not here** Alhadaf Taif
6843990 H 34 **Renewals not here** PICE-WRSA Toastmasters Club Jeddah
6929155 P 41 **Renewals not here** Marafe Al Bayan Najran
6951226 K 35 **Renewals not here** IMC Toastmasters Club Jeddah
6962303 G 33 **Renewals not here** Saudia Toastmasters Club Jeddah
6963273 C 8 **Renewals not here** Odyssey Toastmasters Club Jeddah
6982117 G 24 **Renewals not here** Resilience Toastmasters Club Jeddah
6992506 A 70 **Renewals not here** Saf Albaha Toastmasters Baljurashi
7177044 K 6 **Renewals not here** The Magic of the Word Jeddah
7210007 G 7 Verified complete - 08/12/2019 Jeddah Health Directorate TMC-A01 Jeddah
7228779 I 47 **Renewals not here** Mof PMO MAK MAKKAH
7236778 H 5 **Renewals not here** Energy Toastmasters Club WOA-A01 Jeddah
7238655 I 46 **Renewals not here** Al-Roayah Club Makkah
7240310 I 47 **Renewals not here** Al Thaqafe Makkah
7249750 H 5 **Renewals not here** SWCC Toastmasters Club - JED Jeddah
7257565 G 33 **Renewals not here** Jeddah Health Directorate TMC Jeddah
7262620 A 70 **Renewals not here** Energy Toastmasters Club SOA-A02 Al Baha
7265972 T 12 **Renewals not here** Yansab Yanbu Industrial City
7300228 K 35 **Renewals not here** KONE Jeddah Toastmasters Club Jeddah
7306623 C 11 **Renewals not here** MoF PMO JED Toastmasters Club Jeddah
7326719 A 69 **Renewals not here** KKU Toastmasters Club Abha
7335331 C 27 **Renewals not here** Taa and Meem Toastmasters Club Jeddah
7490905 C 8 **Renewals not here** Al Murjan - A01 Jeddah

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